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Founded in 1999, Mallon Personal Injury Law provides a wide range of services, including helping individuals who have been hurt at work and are suffering from losses as a result. Don't wait to speak to our lawyers.

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Have you been hurt?

Injuries brought on by work activities may be covered under workers' compensation. We'll help you find out about your losses.

Have you suffered loss?

• Medical bills

• Lost time at work

• Lost ability to work

• Pain and suffering

• Quality of life

Come in to speak to a trusted attorney to discuss your case. We're an aggressive law firm that fights hard for our clients.

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Are you unsure if you should take an insurance claim? Don't do so until you speak to a workers' compensation attorney.


Get honest, fair, and frank advice about your options.

Expect outstanding service from our team. We want to learn more about your work-related injury and to provide you with ongoing support through your claims.

If you've been hurt on the job, it may lead to long-term effects, including high medical bills and lost time at work. In some cases, your employer may refuse to compensate you for these losses. That's why you need a compassionate attorney like ours to work on your side. We'll help you to determine if you're owed compensation for your losses.


Do you have a workers' compensation case?


Workers' compensation insurance is a state-mandated program that provides financial protection for employees who become injured on the job. If you've suffered an accident at work, your employer may be forced to cover your losses under this plan or pay out of pocket.


You may have a workers' compensation case if:


• You were hurt on the job and suffered an injury

• You developed an illness due to working conditions


To have a case, you must prove that the employer-employee relationship is present. Independent contractors don't receive the same coverage. In addition, you must show that the injury occurred during the course of employment.


When you come in to see our attorneys, we'll help you to determine if you have a case. We'll review the information you have and help you to make the next decision.


What benefits can you recover under workers' compensation?


The Maryland Workers' Compensation Act provides for many types of benefits for covered employees, depending on the incident. This may include:


Disability benefits: Full, temporary, or permanent benefits during the time you cannot work and for any permanent disability.


Medical and hospitalization benefits: Covers necessary medical care and treatments related to a work injury or illness such as surgery, medicine or medical equipment.


Wage reimbursement: Compensation for the wages you lost due to time spent at a doctor or traveling to workers' compensation claim hearings.


Vocational rehabilitation: Coverage for vocational rehabilitation services related to the employee’s injury.


Death and funeral benefits for family members: If a loved one dies during the course of employment.  


If you've suffered losses due to a work-related injury, contact our Legal team. let us discuss your case with you at length. Let us answer all of your questions and help you to decide if you should further pursue a claim.

If you've been hurt, call our dedicated legal team

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