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In some situations, doctors fail to diagnose a condition like cancer properly. This may mean missed opportunities for early detection and treatment occur. This impacts your odds of survival and can impact the suffering you go through, including through chronic pain, fatigue, severe weight loss, and fevers resulting from the delay. If you feel you were misdiagnosed, contact our attorneys today to discuss your case.


What causes a misdiagnosis of cancer?


It is estimated that 28 percent of cancer cases are misdiagnosed. That means 1 in 4 patients will either be told they have a different condition or the wrong level or type of cancer. This could be due to failures in testing or procedures, but it can also be the result of doctor negligence. Some causes include:


• Lab errors, such as mishandling samples or equipment mistakes

• Miscommunication, such as failure to report results quickly and clearly

• Lack of screening, patients at risk due to family history don't always get the screenings they should get in time for early detection


Misdiagnosis impacts your well being


If you've been misdiagnosed, the risks are numerous. It may mean that cancer is able to progress and the outlook in your case becomes less certain. It also impacts:


• The course of treatment you are able to use, with more intensive treatments becoming necessary

• Your morale and wellness are impacted, because you'll suffer from symptoms that are physically and psychologically painful

• Advanced treatment is more expensive and that impacts your day-to-day life, work, and finances


When you are facing a potential misdiagnosis of cancer, it is imperative that you contact a dedicated attorney with ample experience. Let us handle the investigation to learn if there was medical malpractice present. If so, we'll work aggressively to protect your rights and help you to get any compensation owed to you.

Cancer misdiagnosis isn't an option