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Reckless behavior of boaters can lead to serious accidents and injuries. When you've been hurt in a boat crash, hire our dedicated attorneys to help you through the claim process.

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We have experience handling boating accident cases in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Harford County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Prince George's County and throughout Maryland.

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Our practice focuses on a wide variety of injury cases, including boating accidents. If you've been hurt on a boat, call our experienced attorneys for guidance.

Why do boating accidents happen?


Boating crashes happen for various reasons. Both recreational and commercial boats can be involved because they share the same waterways. The most common causes of accidents are the following:


• Operator carelessness: Distractions are a common cause of accidents because they limit the ability to maneuver quickly when sudden risks occur.

• Passenger behavior: Water skiers and others who act recklessly can obstruct the operator's view or otherwise cause accidents.

• Inexperience: Boat operators without experience can make mistakes about boating laws, regulations, navigation rules, and handling emergencies, causing accidents.

• Weather: The unpredictability of weather, including storms, wind, and waves, can cause boaters to fall or otherwise be hurt.

• Equipment failure: If equipment is not working properly, this can lead to safety hazards.

• Failure to yield: Misunderstandings of navigational rules can cause crashes on the water.

• Recklessness: Including allowing passengers to ride on the bow, intentional splashing of watercraft, driving too close, racing, jumping, or other activities that aren't safe, reckless behavior is a big risk.

• Congested waters: If the waterways are hazardous for any reason, including too many boats, this makes it hard to maneuver and can cause accidents.

• Speeding: Boaters moving too fast can cause accidents to themselves and other boats, especially since these are hard to stop.

• Alcohol use: Impairment of any type can make it hard for the operator to properly manage the boat, leading to risks involving other boats or passengers. A blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher indicates impairment.

• Overloading: Vessels with too much weight capacities are not safe to operate. This can lead to injuries and deaths.


In 2012, there were 4,515 recreational boating accidents in the U.S. that injured 3,000 people. Of those accidents, 651 people were killed. Maryland ranks among the top 10 states with the most recreational boating accidents.


Boating crashes can cause:


• Broken bones

• Lacerations

• Head trauma

• Burns

• Drowning

• Wrongful death


What should you do if you've been in a boating accident?


A simple trip out onto the water can become a serious, life-changing event when injuries like these occur. It's essential to turn to an experienced boating accidents attorney, like Mallon & McCool Attorneys at Law, when you've been involved in accident like this. Keep the following in mind:


• Gather information about what's happened from witnesses

• If you see an accident take place, stop and help.

• Provide and obtain identification of all of those who are involved


Report an accident report within 48 hours to the Maryland Natural Resources Police if:


• A death occurs

• A person loses consciousness or requires medical treatment beyond first aid

•A person disappears from a vessel.


Issue a damage report, even if no injuries or deaths occurred, to the state within 10 days if damage to a vessel totals more than $2,000.


Mallon Personal Injury Law helps you determine the right actions to take after a boating accident. Let us explain your legal options for collecting on losses, such as medical bills and lost time at work, for negligent behaviors. Call us to discuss your case today.

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